Cosmetic jar (20ml)  

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Cosmetic jar (20ml)

C2045FC : 20ml/0.704 oz. W45 H30
C2045FC-1 : 20ml/0.704 oz. W45 H30

Reference No. Material
Outer Cap AS / PS AS / PS
Inner Cap    
Inner Cup   PP
Outer Base AS / PS AS / PS
Disc / Shive    PP

For Jar

  • Any colors is available.
  • Spray frosted/matte finish is available.
  • Logo/text with printing or hot stamping is available


For Cap

  • Any colors is available.
  • Metalized or sprayed matte finish is available.
  • Logo with printing or hot stamping is available.
  • Hot stamping band/ring on the side of cap is available.